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By | 17.07.2020

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Flichoirel The LordlingThe Battlehall. Bought from the Triple Triad Trader for MasatsuchiYanxia UshiogiThe Ruby Sea HokushinKugane GlynardThe Crystarium DreryAhm Araeng 12, Random from Dream Triad Card.

Eo SigunIl Mheg Random from Silver Triad Card. GyoeiYanxia 15, RedardRak'tika Greatwood Random from Bronze Triad Card. Bought from the Triple Triad Trader for 96, IbenartKholusia ElaisseThe Pillars Envoyer une demande?

Ce site Internet utilise des cookies. Nouveaux messages. Dev Tracker. Nous contacter. Station Mog. Vous n'avez aucune connexion avec ce personnage. Demandes d'abonnements. Then the 3rd Fate "Cactus Makes Perfect" spawns at The 4th Fate "Theft From Above" at Lastly, head over to 8th Fate "The Elderblade" at Kill it for achievement. Zone: Lakeland This zone fate chain is weird, I still can't pin down what fates are needed or in what order. But after tracking 3 instances from Deadly to Deadly spawn, my best guess is below.

There's a 2-part fate needs to be done. After completing this, the Botanist NPC and Guard have a short conversation and set off walking towards the spawn point of 2nd Fate "Flowering Nightshade" at Protect the NPC. Another couple of fates also need to be done: 1st Fate "Looming Nightshade" at 8. Protect NPC's. If East, then chain will reset.

Immediately after, the Fate "Deadly Nightshade" will spawn at same spot Win Fate for achievement. Economic and Subtle share same spawn point.

Be aware most of these fates have NPC's that need to be kept alive. So make sure a tank keeps mobs off of them. Then go east to 2nd Fate "Great Daens" at Get there fast to protect NPC.

Triple Triad Cards Database

Then a while later the 3rd Fate "Fuath of Habit" spawns at Get there fast to protect the 4 Herb Caskets. Then a while later the 4th Fate "Back and Fauth" will spawn at Again, protect the NPC.

Next, the 5th Fate "Brute Fauth" spawns at Protect NPC one last time, kill boss and get achievement. Be aware a lot of these fates have NPC's that need to be kept alive.

They camp there, and a while later the 4th Fate "The End of the Sentry" spawns at GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Raw Blame History. We can't make this file beautiful and searchable because it's too large. Eliminate the pack before they begin feeding on the smallfolk! Join the Wood Wailers to send the scamps back whence they came! Slay the creature before it harms the smallfolk! Exterminate the pests and bring peace to the area! Slay the monster before he can claim any victims. The leader must be slain before the pack grows even more deadly.

To ensure the area's safety, the beasts must be put down. Ambush the voidsent, and slay him before he can escape. Defeat the slugs before they can fill their bellies! Trap them in the abandoned dungeon and see that they never leave.

Join forces with the local Wood Wailer guard and see that the vilekin die spouseless. Slay the beast before he consumes the sacred monument. Slay His Royal Repugnance. Slay the vile voidsent before their numbers multiply. Slay the leader of the pack before he can do any further damage.Due to the story's advancement and the fact some articles would otherwise be all white, There are Unmarked spoilers below for Shadowbringersyou have been warned.

One of the thirteen worlds created by the split between Hydaelyn and Zodiark. Much like the world of Hydaelyn, the First was a world where the Warriors of Light were tasked with dispelling the forces of darkness. They had largely succeeded, but at a terrible cost: the balance between Light and Darkness has become so badly disrupted that the world is being ravaged by a Flood of Light. Here, the night has been extinguished, the skies blanketed in eternal radiant light that causes those overexposed to its glow to mutate into "sin eaters".

Much of the world has been washed away in this light, with only a few scant areas remaining In Norvrandt, it was said he used his power to summon the Crystal Tower one hundred years ago just as the Flood of Light was halted, offering sanctuary to the refugees who lost everything and were hounded by the sin eaters. A mischievous pixie who has made the Crystarium their home.

Incredibly curious even by pixie standards, Feo Ul quickly bonds and makes a pact with the Warrior of Light when they arrive in the First. A free citizen living the good life in Eulmore. He used to run a mining business, the Daedalus Stoneworks, before retiring to a life of luxury in Eulmore with his wife, Dulia-Chai. A pair of young dwarf siblings with a shared love of machina.

A kind-hearted caretaker working at the Inn at Journey's Head, a small sanctuary dedicated to caring for exiles whose essence is being corrupted by an abundance of Light as a result of surviving the attack of a powerful sin eater.

Known simply as "the afflicted", these survivors are nevertheless doomed to eventually transform into sin eaters themselves. One of the afflicted, a young Drahn child whose condition has rendered him all but entirely unresponsive. An engineer living in the small laborer community of Twine in the Hills of Amber of western Ahm Araeng, and the only person with full knowledge of the workings of the trolley the party needs to access the ruins of Nabaath Areng where the onslaught of Light was originally halted a century ago.

However, the tragedies that befell his family have left him a broken man, and he now spends his days in drunken apathy.


Once a prosperous mortal settlement, the land of the north was claimed and reshaped by the different fae Beastmen into their new home Il Mheg after the Flood of Light claimed their forest home and the inhabitants of the territory were taken out by the Sin Eaters or worse. A mysterious group of individuals holding the power of Echo summoned by the Ascian Elidibus and led by the warrior Ardbert, a dark counterpart of some nature to the Warrior of Light. The rest of the group consists of the paladin Blanhaerz, the white mage Lamimi, the bard J'rhoomale, and the black mage Naillebert.

Though they are first encountered striking down the primal Ravana much like the Warrior of Light and their companions once did, they soon make it very clear that their goals are far from aligned The leader of the Warriors of Darkness. Upon traveling to the Source, he took the alias Ardbert to better blend in with Eorzea. The King of the Pixies, Titania, was a living being that rules over the various fae tribes of Il Mheg and fought against the Sin Eaters in the past.

Unfortunately, in striking down the resident Lightwarden, they were left at the mercy of its aether and has become a Lightwarden themself, and thus had to be sealed away until the day someone could slay them.Weapons Weapons.

ARR Regions. Search our Entire Website.

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Triple Triad Cards Database. The information listed includes their stack size, the price you can sell to an NPC for, a description of the item and any info relating to stats that they may have. Triple Triad Cards are mainly used by players to play Triple Triad.

The Triple Triad Cards are sorted by name, however you can sort them by any of the columns by clicking on the headers. Under the headers are search boxes that allow you to filter results. Hover over or click on an item name for more info and any stats. Which race will you play? All Rights Reserved. Adamantoise Card. Ahriman Card. Alexander Prime Card. Alpha Card. Amalj'aa Card. Amaro Card. Ananta Card.

Ango Card. Apkallu Card. Archaeornis Card. Archaeotania Card. Ardbert Card. Arenvald Lentinus Card. Argath Thadalfus Card. Armored Weapon Card.

Artoirel de Fortemps Card. Asahi sas Brutus Card. Aymeric Card. Baderon Tenfingers Card. Bahamut Card.That Mhach?

Advances in Mhachi sorcery were made for one reason and one reason only: cataclysmic destructive power. Little is known about them, other than the sinister reputation of its void mages, who summoned otherworldly beings to attack their enemies in the War of the Magi: the contemporary city-states of Nym and Amdapor. As a precaution against rogue voidsent, the void mages developed the Nullstone as a means to obliterate them, and kept it secure within a great pyramid in the city proper.

Using an elaborate trap, the Mhach tricked a Nymian sea galley into bringing an ampoule to their home nation containing a voidsent named Bitoso. This voidsent would unleash a devastating plague called the "Green Death," which transformed many Nymians into tonberries. In their warfare against Amdapor, they unleashed Diabolos and Ferdiad. The War of the Magi's deleterious effect on the realm's aether began to push the Elementals into retribution.

The void mages learned that a great flood would soon engulf the world and sought to evade the calamity, the Mhachi preparing a great ark to take to the skies. To power such a vessel, the void mages bound a thousand voidsent within the vessel that included the Shadow Queen Scathach, whose presence was ultimately the Mhachi people's undoing.

Fifty voidmages sacrificed themselves to reseal the rampant voidsent with the ark disappearing into the sky. The Nullstone was kept in its securely warded tomb in hopes the rising floodwaters would deny any voidsent access to the artifact.

As the floodwaters of the Sixth Umbral Calamity receded, Yafaem became swampland and the waterlogged ruins became known as the Weeping City. When the Sixth Astral Era dawned, mages were persecuted due to the turmoil that the War of the Magi had wrought. Many Mhachi survivors later founded the city-state of Belah'dia in Thanalan [1]in part to escape the persecution. Though Mhach itself was no more and became a faded memory, the city and many remnants of its occupants' warfare with Nym and Amdapor would be unearthed during the upheaval of the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

When Diabolos is freed from his confines in Amdapor, he reaches the Void Ark and retrieves Scathach's prison, and sends Forgall and the recently freed Ferdiad to the Weeping City to obtain the Nullstone, so that they could act without fear of annihilation.

Diabolos underestimated how severely his time sealed away in Ampador had weakened him, however, and his plans are undone, at no small cost, by a coalition of adventurers and sky pirates, and with the assistance of an ancient Mhachi familiar.

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Kugane - Shirogane.This is a curious mark. According to my sources, they hail from beyond Il Mheg's borders, and may well roam all across Norvrandt. It's a mean bastard, even for a wandering eater. We've received reports of it actively seeking out veteran hunters, as if it craves the thrill of the fight. Which isn't to say that it fights fair.

Sadly, several of our top Nutters have been ambushed while returning home from a successful hunt, which has led some to wonder if it commands lesser minions to guide it to promising prey.

Sightings of this particular mark are first recorded in the days following the Flood of Light. When the doors of the tower that stands at the center of the Crystarium first opened, it is written that the Tyger came barreling forth like a shot from a cannon. But despite its grand entrance, it behaved little different than any other wild beast, devouring livestock and attacking hapless travelers. It rather likes meat, though it has a clear preference for poultry by all accounts.

I can't say I entirely trust the accounts of its origin, but given its unusual appearance, I would be not at all surprised if it was indeed a creature come from another world. The Kingdom of Rainbows is filled to the brim with fae folk who delight in tormenting us poor mortals, often in ways that result in our demise. Well enough, I suppose, so long as they stick to their territory, but lately there's been talk of some coming into Lakeland.

Don't believe me? Then how else can you explain the otherworldly horse seen loitering by the shore, attempting to lure curious folk into the water? A Fuath wielding glamours, most like, though none can say for certain. What I can say for certain, though, is that if you killed the devil we'd all be better for it. Ever heard the tale of Nariphon? It's quite well known. Depends on who you ask, perhaps, but I'd like to think so.

It's a favorite of mine I mean, it's a story about fair maidens growing on trees! As in you could walk right up to it and pluck 'em from the branches. Tell me that's not the stuff of dreams! On the other hand, every naturalist you ask will swear that it was nothing of the sort. That it was people spying upon a tribe of cannibals in the middle of their dinner who convinced themselves they couldn't possibly be seeing what they saw.

Me, I prefer the tree explanation myself, but The guard have their work cut out for them keeping the local fauna in check, but they manage well all things considered. However, there's one mark that continues to be a nuisance.

The Ronka called it Itzpapalotl, a butterfly or some such that feasts on the blood of the living. You might scoff at the thought that a butterfly could be so dangerous, but know this: that butterfly once attacked a Crystarium outpost and claimed the lives of several good men and women.

Do not underestimate the butterfly. La Velue's a right bastard of a wolverine. Been reported attacking smallfolk and devouring livestock, and on the occasions some of the guard were able to respond, he made short work and a quick meal of them too.

Understand he's not some rabid, uncontrollable beast, though. More than few foolish Nutters made the mistake of pursuing him like any other common prey Vengeance was sworn, as you'd expect, but I'd rather have you spare him the trouble.

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